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Meet the Gormans

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We’re Jen and Jeff Gorman, and we’re a lot like you. We work hard, teach our child, serve the Lord and try not to go broke.

But because Jen uses a wheelchair, we’re not like you in many ways. We have a different lifestyle, and people look at us differently.

Our blog will help you see “Beyond the Wheels,” because there is so much more to us. We can learn a lot from each other, and we look forward to taking this journey with you.

Thanks for joining us!

About Jeff

Jeff Gorman is a sports announcer and legal journalist from Ohio. He writes for Courthouse News Service and the West Side Leader in Akron, Ohio.

In addition, Jeff works for the Village of Richfield, Ohio, as Clerk of Council.

Jeff is the only sportscaster ever to announce baseball, wrestling and mixed martial arts professionally. Career highlights include the Lake County Captains, Ring of Honor and the Moosin MMA pay-per-view.

On top of all that, Jeff is an SAT tutor, notary public, and movie trailer reporter.

The greatest mission in Jeff’s life is to serve the Lord and be a good husband and father to his beloved family.

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