Yes there are a lot of people who homeschool and a lot of blogs about homeschooling, so why would you read our’s?

We provide you a unique experience.  One in which you can be quite nosy about with full permission.  Yes, we too know of others who homeschool too but again, not like us!

A lot of people we know who homeschool can walk just fine.  So they take hikes and bike rides with their homeschool comrades.  They take their children on nature walks and call it a field trip.  With Jen using a wheelchair and I working full-time these excursions are not the norm for us.

This doesn’t mean we keep our child from enjoying bike rides and hikes, we just do it differently.

Homeschooling from a wheelchair is a never ending field trip in itself.

Come along with us and see how we do it!

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