My Second Week With Three Broken Jaw Bones

On June 19th, I fell out of my wheelchair and broke my jaw bone in 3 places.  I recounted the first week here and then my husband wrote from his perspective.

dealing-with-broken-jaw-boneYes, this is actually me smiling!  Isn’t it just inviting?

I look like I’m in a hospital gown, but that’s actually a loose fitting shirt for me to easily go over my chin.

I’m writing this so that hopefully someone out there might get some inspiration.  I googled “how long to recover from breaking one’s jaw bone” and really didn’t find much content on this vast web.

Day 8 – Talking. Talking. Talking.

This is the first that I’ve been out of the house since coming home from the hospital.  I was nervous, scared and excited!  When Dr. Papas saw me at the hospital he had explained why he didn’t think I needed surgery, but was still unsure and he wanted to give me a quick look over and determine if I’ll need surgery or X-rays.

The day was beautiful!  The sun decided to come out and brighten my outing.  It was a bit chilled in the high 60’s for Ohio.

We arrived and he was just the nicest thing.  He didn’t even have a nurse bring us back in.  After a half hour wait he just popped out and looked at me, we shot the breeze a bit about my father-in-law and was so patient in answering my questions.

He was still inconclusive as to if I need surgery or not.  He wanted us to make an appointment for Monday in a town that’s about 20 minutes away.

As I talked, I started drooling out of the left corner of my mouth where I can’t open as much.  Ok new phenomenon!

We left for home.  The ride was so beautiful, I didn’t want to go home quite yet.  Normally, I’d express that to my husband.  However, I was so scared of getting into a car accident.  That fear seems so out of place though because the jaw bones didn’t break due to a car accident!  Besides, we had a Skype call for the camp I was suppose to teach with my husband and we needed to get home for that.

Very shortly after the Skype meeting, my sub came over and I really needed to go over with her the things I’ve done so that she can start on Monday.

Then the dreaded aloneness happened.  My daughter was picked up to go to her favorite camp.  Kicking Bear a free packed 24 hours of archery and rifle lessons.  Then shortly after that, my husband went off to announce for the Lake County Captains (class A Affiliate of Cleveland Indians)

About 2 hours after he had a left a friend called on the phone and we chatted it up a bit.  I really didn’t want to answer the phone because I’ve been talking more today then the previous week combined!  However, this has been a sweet friend and huge helping during this ordeal.  Taking my daughter to her activities, bringing me soup, sitting with me and visiting me in the hospital.  I really did want to talk to her so I picked up the phone.

Then another friend had stopped by.  It was preplanned that she was going to keep me company for a few hours while my husband was away at work.  She brought over the most delicious potato soup!  I really hadn’t eaten much, but man did this hit the spot.

After speaking with her for awhile, my broken jaw bones had had enough!  My front teeth started separating and I couldn’t find a comfortable way to put my head or jaw to keep them together.  So we just had our soup and watched a movie.

Day 9 It’s Officially Cracked

The night was miserable.  I couldn’t find a comfortable way to sleep.  It’s dark.  My daughter is camping in the rain.  I so hope they are having fun.  My husband is home working away at the camp he’s about to start on Monday; teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th grade math.

The pain from the swelling in the morning until around noon or 1 is always much easier than later in the day.  Usually I haven’t talked that much or there haven’t been many people to talk to.  By night however, the pain reminds me where I still am.dealing-with-broken-jaw-bone

I had an unexpected visit from a couple.  It was nice they brought me a beautiful orchid and metropolitan ice-cream!  I can’t “eat” ice-cream and it’s no fun melted.  So usually we put it in the Vitamix with a touch of milk to liquify it a bit.

The husband is an insurance guy and he was pretty sure that my dental bills will be covered under medical due to it being an accident.  I’ll follow up more on that later.

I’m still hungry.  Always hungry.  You’d think I’d “eat” more, but it hurts to swallow.  I’ve stopped taking all of my meds as of day 8 and I told the Dr. and he was fine with it.  He said I had plenty in the IV.  Besides the pain meds wasn’t doing me any good.

The swelling in my lips has gone down a hair and it’s peeling like crazy.  It swells to the point of burning.  I’m trying hard not to touch it, but it’s weird having this “tag” on my lips.  I do have Vaseline right by my side.  The numbing feeling from my lips deter me from using it, but I’m trying!

I no longer drooled on the left side of my mouth ~ today it’s both sides!  Oh lovely ~ talking to people and you’re constantly wiping the corners of your mouth!

So today, I’m spending my time learning more about how to make a successful blog.

Before bed I finally had the courage to feel what was going on with my lower right first year molar.  At times I’ve been feeling it “wiggle” and I can “feel” the crack from my tongue on the inside of my mouth, so I really wasn’t sure what was going on.  It’s confirmed! I’ve cracked that molar right in half down the middle to the nerve!  Oh what a glorious dental time that will be.

Day 10 Remember it still hurts.

We would normally go to church today, but that’s out of the cards for now.  However, my husband did take our daughter so she could fulfill her commitments there.

A few hours later a friend brought her home and stayed and worked on my husband’s crashed computer.

After he left, another friend came and spent a very large part of the day with us.  Shortly after she arrived, a family came over and gave me some natural health remedies that is to aid with the swelling, mouth wash and an oil to put on my lips that was burning and chapping.

With so many people to talk to today, I tried to talk as I normally do. You know, keeping up with a normal pace, with using my whole mouth, tongue and teeth.  My mouth reminded me that it still hurts.  So I resorted to keeping my teeth to almost a full clench and to talk slower.

My lips were burning today.  I used my friend’s natural ointment ~ I don’t remember the name of it I’ll have to ask.  It seemed to help a bit, but truthfully, Vaseline was still the drug of choice!

Shortly before bed, a friend texted how I was.  I stated that the swelling has gone down quite a bit, but that sleeping was the PITS!  That’s it’s so painful to sleep!  She said she’d pray for “uninterrupted pain free sleep tonight”.  God is WONDERFUL!   He used her at the SPECIFIC time ~ I really needed that.  I had not had one night of sleep without pain.  Including the heavenly IV pain.  Day 10’s night ~ I slept with out pain!  Praise you Jesus for how beautiful you work!

Day 11 Sparkling Clean

Currently it’s Day 13 and I’m a bit behind so I’m going to try to remember the happenings.

A dear friend came over and spent some time with me.  Her boys were so sweet and mowed and trimmed our 1 acre yard.  My friend changed the light bulb in our guest 1/2 bath.  After she did that she said she was going to clean the light bowl.  Then she moved on to cleaning the bathroom.  It’s a small bathroom just enough for a vanity and toilet.  I believed that poor soul spent an hour in there.  When my daughter cam home she said “The bathroom is sparkling!”  I had told her that our friend spent an hour in there.

After my husband came home I got out of bed and took a shower.  Thank goodness the Dr.’s appointment was so late in the day, being 5:45.  It takes me so long to do anything anymore.

He got his assistant to take out the stitches, we shot the breeze more about my father-in-law.  This time ~ a patient visited him.  They got to talking and realized they had the high school in common.  She said she had student taught at his high school and he asked who was the teacher ~ yep! My father-in-law!  She said that he had taught her about organization, but more so about how to connect with student.

The end result?  He said because my teeth aren’t off to the side, I won’t need surgery.  So yay no surgery!  I told him with the amount of swelling that has gone down and the amount of pain that has, that my front teeth are not coming back together.  He said that they will.  Well here’s to trusting you Doc!

Day 12 It’s Raw

Yesterday, my lips really stung, today it’s more about the inside of the mouth.  It was so raw and dry.  It just felt like I could not get that nasty taste out of my mouth.  I hadn’t asked the Dr. if I could brush my teeth or even when.  We discussed my broken teeth and he said I’d have to wait until I can open my mouth comfortably enough and long enough for the dentist to poke around in there.

A friend came over and brought my husband and daughter a wonderful comfort meal; roasted chicken, corn on the cob, green beans, and baked beans!  Oh! That looked SO GOOD!  I so wanted that!  I asked my husband to put the baked beans in the vitamix with some of the BBQ Sauce and water.  Yum! But SWEET!  Oh I could only stand so much of that!  I should have left out the BBQ sauce!  It probably would still be sweet.

Day 13 A New Kind of Pain

Last night was NOT a good sleeping night!  I tossed and turned and was squished to the bottom of the bed.  Not restful!

I woke up with this tooth ache.  It was so bad.  It got worse as my friend came and we were talking.  Like the saliva on it made it so bad.  Just so sensitive.  And it’s not where I had lost a filling or broke a tooth either.  I so hope I’m not getting more cavities out of this.

When my friend was over I had asked her to make our homemade laundry soap.  She said she had never done it and it was easy.  I told her it was so cheap too.  Costs just $0.05/load.

My one prayer request: that this tooth ache is so temporary and I’m not developing cavities.

Day 14 Something else broke 

I woke up this morning and that “sensitive tooth to the nerve” feeling is gone for now! YaY! Have to celebrate the small victories!

My teeth feel so filmy though.  I’m sure it’s quite filled up with plaque! Yuck!

I’ve just not “eaten” enough today.  Nothing tastes good.  My dear friend brought over pineapple juice and tomato soup.  I’m not a fan of tomato soup but my daughter LOVES it!  So she’ll eat it for sure!

I was glad my daughter was able to go to a swim party.  It’s important that she gets a chance to get out.

I actually occupied my time with working on a project I had started some 18 plus years ago.  It’s needle point on plastic canvas ~ a church bible holder.  I worked on it quite a bit, but the progress is very slow.

Swallowing hurts my front lower teeth today.  Particularly the left lateral incisor.  That’s not making it fun.  All I want is my iced bubble water.  I’m not saying that swallowing that is any easier, it’s just I’m so thirsty.

My lower lips have hurt so much.  It’s so dry.  And YES I should be putting vaseline on it, but I’m just not up to it.

At this point I’m so tired of being hurt, bored, cabin fever and stuck.

My dear sweet daughter is home with me all night while husband goes to announce for the Lake County Captains.  She loaded up the dishwasher, went to turn it on – to find out it doesn’t work!  Now she’s having to take all the dishes out and washing them by hand.  We won’t be calling the repair man on this one.  I have no idea what the impending bills are going to be on this broken jaw.  While we have four hands in this house to wash dishes, we won’t be fixing that broken machine.

Well, we’ve wrapped up our second week of a broken jaw.

Some have asked if a meal would help.  While I can’t eat it, it really helps my family out a lot.  They have extra duties with me being incapacitated and they are tending to me as well.  So in that regards ~ yes it actually does help.  It helps a lot!

If you haven’t see the first week you can read it here.

My husband wrote about the experience from his account here.

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