Movie Trailer Review: Mile 22, Bumblebee, Aquaman and More

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Bumblebee (Photo:

Mile 22

Mark Wahlberg is a special-forces agent in a group called “Overwatch,” which makes us think that’s the title of the movie. Ronda Rousey is part of his crew, so that’s a plus. John Malkovich tells us that some item must be delivered to Mile 22 – there’s the title! For some reason, this movie has so much action that it should be seen in Large Format or even IMAX! That’s a big promise, so Mile 22 must deliver.


Alita: Battle Angel

Alita’s barely conscious brain is transferred into a new makeshift body created by her personal Geppetto, played by Christoph Waltz. He’s getting a rare break from playing a villain. Or is he? Because once Alita finds a super costume, which seems to be calling to her, even the good guys start trying to kill her. Alita seems to be too small to be an action hero, but she is just staying true to her anime roots.


The Meg

The trailer changed, and the new version gives away more of the movie. The “Megalodon” shark seems to be a regular great white shark that is just super-duper-sized. The trailer can’t seem to decide whether this is a comedy or a monster movie.


The Girl in the Spider’s Web

I’m shocked they are making the second Dragon Tattoo movie, since the first one didn’t set the box office on fire. Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander is the star of the show, to the point where we barely see journalistic protagonist Mickael Blomkvist. Despite my bias, I have to admit that writers aren’t as exciting as avenging-angel hackers.



I have no idea what’s going on here. We see some World War II soldiers in a plane. They stumble across a mad scientist who is creating some kind of black, gooey life form. Will we ever discover what’s going on? “No!” my daughter says. “J.J. Abrams will not tell you what’s in his magic mystery boxes!”


First Man

Neil Armstrong’s story looks like it’s not shot in HD, which makes it look more authentic. Instead of the historical tone of ABC’s “Astronaut Wives Club,” First Man focuses on serious drama and action. It’s “the most dangerous mission in history,” which it’s important to emphasize since we all know how it ends. Although the spacesuits don’t seem authentic (the gloves should be thicker!), Kyle Chandler performs well as the no-nonsense ground-control leader. Poor Ryan Gosling as Armstrong keeps getting yelled at by his wife (Claire Foy, challenging Tiffany Haddish for the title of who’s in the most upcoming movies).



A dark-looking DC Comics origin story. Have we seen this before? The scene with little Aquaboy backed up by all the fish in the aquarium looks like a scene from Finding Nemo. Two villains seems to be too much in the movie, and some of the CGI is a little too obvious. The undersea scenes look like the highlight. Jason Momoa is going to have to drag this film across the finish line using his charisma alone.


Johnny English Strikes Again

Once we get over the disappointment that this isn’t a James Bond movie (and the relief that it’s not a Mr. Bean movie), this ends up being pretty funny. It’s not hard to make a funny spy spoof, as we learned from Get Smart, Top Secret! (an underrated gem) and the Austin Powers movies. It’s a bit confusing why a complete idiot is placed in charge of an important mission, but that’s been going on since the Pink Panther movies.



The fact that Bumblebee can’t talk is a plus. The teenage girl protagonist is reminiscent of the last Transformers movie, First Knight. The relationship between the girl and Bumblebee also calls up Monster Trucks and the upcoming A-X-L. Don’t blink or you’ll miss John Cena as a heel, which WWE fans have been praying for since 2010.


Operation Finale

This was the most impressive trailer of the bunch, posing the question “What do you do when you capture a monster?” In this case, it’s famed Nazi Adolf Eichmann. Should you put him on trial or just kill him? All those questions come up, as Eichmann mockingly states that his life is worth those of 6 million Jews. Ben Kingsley turns in another outstanding performance.

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